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From the science behind performance nutrition and supplements to the complexities of behaviour change and body image

Professional nutrition advice to WIN races

I sat down with Coach Brendan Housler of EVOQ. BIKE to discuss all things carbohydrates, recovery, hydration, weight management and so much more.

Thought for Food

“Body composition, watts per kilo and weight are always going to matter in sport, especially cycling, but fixating on these numbers can take riders into dangerous territory.

How do we get it right?”

Rachel Jary - journalist at ROLEUR magazine who asked me for my input on the world of body composition, body image in endurance sport.

Issue 116 - The Mind Issue

Trying The Wildest Performance Enhancer in the Pro Peloton

The recent addition of Ketones into the pro peloton has sparked a huge reaction in the media. Not to mention the spades of research that have come out over the last 10 years.

I spoke with Francis Cade about the science and research behind exogenous ketones and their viability for use in professional or amateur racing.

Seven spring training tips to prime you for summer cycling success

I spoke with Jack Evans of Bike Radar on the importance of carbohydrate intake for training and racing as well as the optimal recovery protocol to 'keep performing at your best.

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Four easy changes to overhaul your recovery

I often have coaches send me athletes with the comment “so-and-so is a rock solid athlete with great numbers but their recovery is shocking”. 

In this article i outline the pillars of recovery and how to implement them in training.

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What to eat, and why, before your big winter training rides

Riders have so much advice coming at them, and so many options for fueling, it’s little wonder we can be unsure when it comes to the basic question of what to eat before we go training at this time of year.

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