Training for three disciplines is hard enough without trying to plan your nutrition as well. There is no doubt that nutrition for training and competing in triathlons is the fourth discipline of the sport. It can be the difference between having to walk the last hour of an Ironman due to stomach upset or finishing 40 minutes quicker than your previous PB. What will it be?

Deborah Marsden - Ironman Triathlete (UK)

Why did you feel you needed to work with a Performance Nutritionist?

I have always struggled with fuelling due to disordered eating patterns for most of my life.

I wanted to give myself every chance of success in my first Iong distance triathlon [Barcelona Ironman 2023] and I knew that nutrition was going to be absolutely key.

I would NOT have finished the Ironman without your advice and support. You helped me nail the nutrition and I will be forever grateful for that.

Eating properly in line with your training plan makes you stronger and leaner, not fatter and heavier - which was one of my fears linked to years of living with an eating disorder.

Hattie Pearson - Ironman Triathlete (UK)

Why did you feel you needed to work with a Performance Nutritionist in the first place?

I wanted to ensure I was reaching my potential in my first Ironman event. I had previously experienced GI issues and wanted to eliminate these before race day

How would you describe working with me as your Performance Nutritionist?

Ellen was so thorough with her process of getting to know exactly what it was I needed to focus on. She took on board all aspects of my race and educated me on fuelling for a long distance triathlon.

Working with Ellen was an absolute game changer and I know that my success in the event was hugely down to her input and for that I'm incredibly grateful.

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