U23 Athletes

Moving into the U23 ranks can be a daunting experience, from an increase in training volume, longer races and training camps to growing pressure from team environments. A well formulated nutrition program with ongoing support from someone who has first hand experience at UCI level has shown to be a valuable aspect of my work with these young athletes.

Sam Kettlewell - U23 Cyclist (UK)

I had a lot of trouble with my weight and the mentality of trying to be as light as possible, in the end starting to develop some disordered eating and a really unhealthy relationship with food, eating as little as physically possible. And after a winter of doing that I started to realise that I may have a problem that needed professional help.

What were your top three useful takeaways from your Performance Nutrition Program?

The first is to fuel what you’re doing, doing a 25hr week on 2500kcal a day is not conducive to anything. The second is to drink more on the bike, it’s not big or clever to do 4hrs on 2x500ml bottles, nor will it make you go fast! The third thing is that the w/kg equation has two sides, and you’ll benefit more from pushing up the watts and being correctly fuelled, than trying to be as skinny as possible

Iustin Văidian - U23 Cyclist (ROM)

I wanted to take the next step towards higher performance in cycling. I just wanted to understand and fuel better on and off the bike.

What were your top three useful takeaways from your Performance Nutrition Program?

Firstly, a more structured meal plan and a better distribution of energy throughout the day. Secondly a hydration plan to avoid any cramps. And last but not least, the race fueling and recovery protocol.

The best thing was that I saw improvement in my performance, I was no longer cramping and I could be competitive after 4h of racing thanks to the correct fueling on and off the bike.

I enjoyed working with you, I looked forward to every meeting as they were very friendly and you were interested in what I was saying and we talked about other things not just nutrition related.

Nathan Kurensky - U23 Cyclist (IRE)

I had specific races targeted abroad and when starting with McD we worked on a plan to get to those races in the best condition. I learned so much about my body and learned so much about nutrition and understanding how much the body actually needs to perform at its best

Gregor McPhaden - U23 Cyclist (UK)

The big event I was working towards was the Grand Old Dukes 111 mile gravel ride. I needed guidance on how to fuel properly and how to fuel on days running up to events and also on training days. I got round the 111 miles without bonking. And I’ve kept my training consistent with the right food guidance

How would you describe working with me as your Performance Nutritionist?

Very professional, but very chill and straight to the point. Very easy to work with and make adjustments to plans.

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