Your bespoke nutrition program designed around you

However you train or compete - for general fitness or to compete on the world stage, your program is 100% tailored to you and your goals.

How do we get started?

First we’ll build your athletic profile. What are your performance and event targets. What weaknesses are holding you back?

We’ll complete a 5-7 day dietary analysis including food preferences, allergies, eating patterns etc.

We’ll review your training diary - what is the focus in your training or competition phase. If necessary I’ll consult with your coach to get a complete picture of this.

We’ll build a picture of your lifestyle including family, work and social commitments.

What’s included?

Throughout your program we’ll have 1-2 online Zoom consults per month depending on where you are in your program.

Your bespoke plans will be delivered via the online platform SENPRO including:

  • Complete daily meal schedule depending on the type of training or rest day

  • Timing guidelines for meals and snacks with sample recipes

  • Access to 100+ easy to follow recipes categorized by the demands of your training

  • Hydration requirements at rest and during training

  • Recovery strategies for the easy or hard days

  • Exercise fuel intake during various workouts or events

  • Recommendations for supplements or ergogenic aids if necessary

Minimum program duration is 3 months

Then what?

During our online consults we’ll review progress and make adjustments towards your targets including:

  • Interpretation of INSCYD or metabolic testing

  • Phasing ergogenic aids throughout the season

  • Pre and event day fueling

  • Programming to target digestive issues

  • Nutrition and training around the menstrual cycle

  • Programming to aid rehabilitation from injury

  • Sweat testing and advanced hydration techniques for training and competition in the heat

  • Heat adaptation protocols for competition in the heat

  • Requirements for altitude training

  • Long haul flight planning for the traveling athlete

Minimum program duration is 3 months

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