Ultra Endurance and Sportive Cyclists

These are some of my favourite plans to create - a full hydration and nutrition schedule for a target event - elements of which we will always practice in training prior to the event. Completing an event for the first time or shaving literal hours off the previous time are usually the goal - but winning the overall event is the real icing on the cake.

Noel Johnston - Ultra Endurance and A4 Cyclist - (IRE)

Not only did I learn the importance of correctly fuelling my rides and training but also the difference between training and rest days. Your expert knowledge around sports nutrition also helped me lose weight whilst increasing my training load and that’s all down to you analysing my data and creating plans specific to me.

Your support in prepping my fuel for “The Joe Barr 330” was the difference in me finishing and not finishing like last year. This year you made sure we had planned and practised fuelling long rides, the result was finishing this and the Majorca 312

Of course winning the Joe Barr was an added bonus with a special award from Joe for “going the distance” on the Knockalla climb in the driving rain.

George Walsh - Sportive Cyclist (SUI)

Ellen's approach was transformative. She developed a personalised nutrition plan tailored specifically for my training and event needs. The impact was immediate. I found myself powering through rides with increased strength and endurance. My cycling metrics showed significant improvement across the board, demonstrating the effectiveness of Ellen's nutritional strategy.

The most telling evidence of this improvement was during a race I frequently participate in. Post Ellen's intervention, I astonishingly reduced my race time by three hours compared to my previous attempt before her guidance. This wasn't just a marginal gain; it was a monumental leap in my cycling performance.

Mike Vink - Sportive Cyclist (UK)

What has been your proudest achievement since working with me?

Cycling wise, the Etape Loch Ness Sportive. I felt strong and capable all throughout, even on the climbs after Fort Augustus, and I could genuinely enjoy the views and the riding. And I got back into my normal cycling training in a few days, rather than a week. Overall, though, I think adjusting my relationship with food has been my biggest win. I generally feel better and more energetic, even on training breaks, because I now eat properly.

I am not an athlete, I just like to keep active and healthy. Having someone that understands and is willing to work within these confines is invaluable to my keeping going and not just returning to what's easy.

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